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Beautiful Trondheim in winter. Photo: Shutterstock
Beautiful Trondheim in winter. Photo: Shutterstock


Cross country skiing in Trondheim

Through winding valleys and over high mountain terrain. Gliding in the well-groomed ski trails is something really special for every ski fanatic. SAS is flying to some of the best long ski destinations in Scandinavia. Like Trondheim.

Trondheim's main city forest park, Bymarka, offers a remarkable variability in its trails and terrain. 250 km of ski trails, of which about 25 km are lighted at night, has led many skiers to go to the park. Skiing in places like Bymarka is a definitely Norwegian experience.

Getting around is easy in Trondheim. The city has a well-developed public transport system, and most of those who work in the city center catch the bus to get around in their daily life. When you are out in the beautiful surroundings it’s almost hard to believe that you're just a bus ride from Norway's third largest city.

Hotels, motels, or camping – the choices are many in Trondheim. You will find 24 hotels, with all in total of 3 180 rooms and over 5 000 beds.  The Rica Nidelven Hotel is maybe one that stands out. It has namely won the award for best breakfast in Norway six years in a row.

When you go out to get yourself something to eat you should try a modern concept restaurant which is called Emilies – An Eatery. The restaurant combines Norway’s natural ingredients with modern culinary methods, inspired by the Italian and French cuisine. Another one of Trondheim’s leading restaurants is Havfruen, a well-liked fish restaurant of which is located in one of the old warehouses along Nidelven next to the Old Town Bridge. The menu has a rich collection of fish and shellfish.

When the ski tour in the forest is over you should go and check out Trondheim great variety of shopping. A short walk across the beautiful Old Town Bridge is the sparkling Bakklandet, where the old wooden houses include everything from cafés and art galleries to unique shops.


Scandic Nidelven
Havnegata 1-4, Trondheim

Emilies – An Eatery
Erling Skakkesgt 45

7 Kjøpmannsgata

Nedre Bakklandet, Trondheim

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