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Malmö Live.
Malmö Live.

Photo: AMF Fastigheter


Developing Scandinavia

Petter Stordalen and Marcus Samuelsson are among the entrepreneurs who are helping to inspire the development of exciting joint residential and business districts in cities across Scandinavia.

Bjørvika – Oslo

Norway’s largest urban development project, the Bjørvika district in Oslo is being called “the new city within a city.” When it’s finished, this former industrial area will boast 5,000 apartments, 20,000 work places and a 2.8km seafront promenade. Meanwhile, 40% of the area will be given over to parks, with twoBjørvika, Oslo. Photo: Jonas Anhede/Visit Oslo beaches adding to its allure.

Nordhavn – Copenhagen

This new waterfront district is being transformed from an active industrial port to a residential and business neighborhood for the future. The mixed functionality area has space for 40,000 residents, and an equal number of spaces for office workers, as well as hotels, restaurants and other amenities.

Station Area – Roskilde

 Transforming leftover land along the railroad into a vibrant urban hub is at the heart of the redesign of Roskilde’s Station Area, which will connect two ­areas of the city that have been bisected by railroad lines. Transforming the train station into a large urban space will ­integrate the area, with an ­innovative passageway lined with shops, cafés and social ­areas.

Brunkebergstorg – Stockholm

 In the 1800s, Brunkebergstorg was one of Stockholm’s most fashionable districts, but after demolition in the 1960s many of the old buildings disappeared. New hotels, office space, restaurants and other amenities are breathing new life and energy into the neighborhood. 

Brunkebergstorg, StockholmMalmö Live

 Located in the city center, Malmö Live is 90,000sq m of 360° living, with hotels, a conference center, a concert hall, office space and homes, creating a beating pulse in the heart of the city.


 Sweden’s second largest city is undergoing its most ambitious urban development in modern history. Developing neighborhoods such as Frihamnen, ­Karlavagnplatsen and Cen­tralen­­området will add more than 80,000 new homes and an equal number of work spaces.  In Karlavagnsplatsen, there will be eight blocks of mixed-use development, with nearly 2,000 apartments, as well as kindergartens, hotels, commercial space and office space. The highlight will be Karlatorn, slated to be the tallest building in the Nordic ­region.

Aalborg Barracks

 The 9,000sq m Aalborg ­Barracks of the Danish Armed Forces has been dubbed “The Green Circuit” and comprises both permanent and flexible “plug-in” structures, which in real terms means every building has two architectural parts – a central permanent hub, and flexible and moveable elements. With 120 modules, the structures can be converted into multiple configurations of workstations, accommodation and classrooms.

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