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Discover new parts of Rome

When you’ve covered the must-do’s, why not expand your horizons and check out a new part of Rome? Here are some districts in the city that won’t disappoint you.

The Testaccio area has become one of the hippest parts of Rome today.


This district is a mix of Roman ruins, buildings dating from the 1920s Fascist Era and trendy bars. It was also once a garbage dump for broken terracotta and if you dig down far enough you can still find pieces of terracotta that were carefully laid down, layer upon layer, by slaves. The area also housed the city’s largest slaughterhouse, il Mattatoio, which is now a modern art museum. Testaccio also has a fantastic food market and in the evening the district switches into party mode as it’s here Romans head to let their hair down.

If you're a architecture-lover, head to to Eur.


If you like architecture, Eur is a great area to visit. During the Fascist Era, many imposing buildings were constructed here, not least the rectangular -Colosseum that Romans have nicknamed Il Colosseo Quadrato. Today, the building with its straight lines in white marble is the headquarters of fashion house Fendi. Alternatively, take a walk around the artificial lake, il Laghetto dell’Eur.


Garbatella is one of the liveliest districts in Rome. This is where to experience how Romans live “for real.” The area feels like a city within a city with remarkable street art paintings on the facades of its buildings. Eat at a local trattoria and enjoy the backdrop of beautiful Italian voices or stop off for a coffee at Bar dei Cesaroni, which regularly features in the popular Italian TV -series, I Cesaroni.

In Monti, visitors will find shops and cozy cafes.


Monti is a mix of modern stores and traditional bottegas. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Sep-tember to July, you’ll find the urban market Mercato Monti, where 30 carefully chosen young designers are offered the opportunity to present their wares. The district is packed with -delightful cafés and restaurants, and don’t miss San Pietro in Vincoli church to admire Michelangelo’s -famous statue of Moses.

Enjoy the atmosphere in Trastevere.


Trastevere is the epitome of what you’d imagine Rome to look like, with its flower-­filled balconies, little cobble­stone streets and beautiful fountains. Here, tourists blend in with local residents and sit side by side at outdoor cafés, while in the evenings, the bars are packed with a ­delightful mix of young and old. It’s a perfect place to walk around, explore the many churches and stop off for an ice cream or aperitif.

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