Gásadalur Photo: Thomas Ekström
Gásadalur Photo: Thomas Ekström


Experience the beautiful nature of the Faroe Islands

Once you’ve set foot on some of the 18 remote islands in the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not hard to see why the Faroe Islands has been called the world’s most beautiful island destination.

The raw and unpredictable climate, the rich bird life, and the dramatic cliffs overlooking the roaring Atlantic help to make the Faroe Islands a favorite destination for travelers with a love of unique nature experiences.Photo: Thomas Ekström

Let your next visit be inspired by these experiences of nature, which must rank among the most beautiful of the Faroe Islands. 

Gásadalur Photo: Thomas Ekström

Gásadalur village

Gásadalur was for many years one of the most isolated settlements on the Faroe Islands. The village is still only home to fewer than 20 people today, but they live right by one of the most beautiful and dramatic waterfalls on the Faroe Islands, which cascades from the steep cliffs down into the raging Atlantic Ocean.  

The village of Bøur Photo: Thomas Ekström

The old mail route to Gásadalur

For many years, the only way to reach Gásadalur was to walk all the way from the village of Bøur on the other side of the mountain. The old mail route is a long and arduous hike of over two hours each way, but which offers some incredibly breathtaking views along the way. In 2004, a tunnel was blasted through the mountain, which opened up Gásadalur to the outside world.

Puffins on Mykinesholmur

Mykinesholmur is one of the largest breeding areas for puffins and other sea birds on the Faroe Islands. An ideal spot for bird-lovers, who can reach the islet by crossing the 35m-long footbridge that connects it with the island of Mykines.

View to Sørvágsfjørður Photo: Thomas Ekström

The highest mountain on the Faroe Islands

Slættaratindur is the highest mountain on the Faroe Islands, standing at 880m. It is on Eysturoy, which is the second largest of the Faroe Islands. The view from the top is breathtaking of course, and in clear weather you can see all the way to Vatnajökull in Iceland, a good 550km away. 

The village of Saksun Photo: Thomas Ekström


Saksun is a small village with characteristic black tarred houses with grass roofs, which is located in a position with majestic views of a silted fjord. One of the most peaceful and photogenic spots on the Faroe Islands. The hike from Saksun to the neighboring village of Tjørnuvík takes 2–3 hours and ranks among the islands’ best. 


Boat trip to the Vestmanna islands

Discover the rich bird life of the Vestmanna islands on a boat trip that sails you through deep ravines and narrow straits with views of the towering cliffs, which are the breeding ground for thousands of sea birds.


Text: Lars Roest-Madsen

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