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Fun for kids on Samsø

Should you start with a seal safari, go crabbing or race each other in the hills? Climb to the top of a lighthouse, pet farm animals or find your way out of the world's biggest maze? There's plenty of wonderful family fun and experiences to enjoy on Samsø. And the island is only a short ferry hop from Aarhus.

Foto: Samsø-labyrinten

Find your way out of the world’s biggest labyrinth

Yes, it’s true, Samsø is home to the world’s biggest labyrinth. It was certified as such by Guinness World Records in 2001, and continues to hold the record. The six hectare maze spans an area the size of 12 soccer pitches, and you find your way out with the help of a quiz. The quiz is available in different degrees of difficulty and languages, and works a bit like a treasure hunt. When you answer a question correctly, you are given a clue to guide you forward. Fortunately, if you get completely lost, there’s a guide to finding your way home, so you can always escape. Most people spend an hour or two in the labyrinth, and you can bring your own picnic to eat in the delightful picnic area there. You can also top up with ice cream, coffee etc., at the kiosk.


North of Nordby, in the direction of Issehoved.

Photo: Lise Hannibal

Walking in the hills

The hilly landscape of Nordby Bakker is an amazing place where your imagination can run wild and you can really burn some energy. The fascinating, Ice Age sculpted terrain has inspired stories of trolls and pirates and even man-eating monsters, that is equally appealing to both children and grownups. Race each other up and down the hills, feel the power of the wind at the top and discover exciting things on the beach. Go right to the end of Issehoved sand spit and watch the waves crash as you dip your toes in the water.

Nordby Bakker

Photo: Casa Tua

The best ice cream on the island

After a trip to Nordby Bakker or the labyrinth, reward yourself with an ice cream in the pink Casa Tua in Nordby. Tony, a New Zealander, makes fresh Italian ice cream in many flavors here, including a combination of biscuit and vanilla, that is currently incredibly popular. Whether you’re tempted by that or strawberry, blueberry, rhubarb, chocolate of something completely different, the ice cream is made from organic milk, cream and fruit and tastes divine. As does the Italian espresso.

Casa Tua

Photo: Jeanette Philipsen/VisitSamsø

Fun on the beach

You’re never far from a beach on Samsø, and beaches are always a wonderful place to play. Hunt for shells, pebbles and crab shells, build magnificent sand castles and cool off in the waves – with 120km of coastline, there's plenty of things to discover. The sand is especially good at Issehoved, Mårup Østerstrand and the always popular Ballen Strand. Along Sælvigbugten on the west coast, you can swim, surf and find exciting pebbles, including maybe amber. There’s also a fine beach and beautiful countryside at Lilleøre by Stavns Fjord, and as an added bonus, you can fish for crabs and shrimp in the marina.

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Seal Safari

Samsø has many different landscapes and accordingly, many kinds of wildlife. Including several hundred seals, that you can see swimming in the sea all round the island and even lazing on beaches here. You can also experience the seals at close quarters on a seal safari on the wonderful old M/S Tunø, that sails out to the Bosserne reef. Hundreds of seals of all sizes hang out here, and as they are very familiar with the boat, they often come very close to it. The two and a half hour trip leaves from beautiful Langør and passes numerous small islands and skerries on the way. Don’t forget to bring a windcheater and some provisions.

Sælsafari with M/S Tunø


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Departs Tue-Wed 9am, midday and 3pm from 18 June to 28 August.

Photo: Lise Hannibal

Krabbefangst på broen

On jetties all round Samsø, you’ll see children lying on their tummies with buckets, lines and nets trying to catch prawns, crabs, mussels and other shellfish hiding in the seaweed and under stones. It’s great fun. Crabbing is a very child friendly form of fishing, all you need is a line with a piece of bait and an ounce of patience waiting for the crabs to bite. You can catch shrimp and tiddlers with a net and you can quickly create your own aquarium with a bucket of seawater and a bit of seaweed. Ballen Lystbådehavn and Langør by Stavns Fjord are good places to go crabbing.

Fredensdal Smallholding

At Fredensdal, you can see how a typical smallholding was farmed on Samsø when your great grandfather was a boy. The Kjeldmann family, that built the house in 1904, grew potatoes and asparagus, fetched water from a well and plowed the soil with horses. The house looks exactly as it did in 1935 when son Eduard took over the smallholding, complete with living room, scullery and outdoor WC. And outside you’ll find a delightful ornamental garden and farm animals such as cows, pigs, goats, horses and chickens that you may want to say hello to.


Vestermarksvej 20, Vesterløkken

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Open June, July and August, Tue, Thur and Sun, 9am-midday. Fredensdal is part of Samsø Museum. Entrance: Adults: 40Dkr, children 20Dkr.

Photo: Vesborg Fyr

Climb the lighthouse

Vesborg Lighthouse on the southern tip of Samsø is beautifully situated on a hilltop. A narrow spiral staircase takes you to the top of the wind blasted tower with magnificent views. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Great Belt Bridge. Back down again, you can go for a walk in the woods, where children can find fun sticky plants, and down to the beach which is full of treasures such as shells, pebbles and snail shells. You can book an overnight stay in the Seaview Pavilion and the lighthouse keeper’s home here, which has been converted into holiday accommodation.

Vesborg Fyr

Open: 12 April - 20 October, daily 11am-6pm. Adults 15Dkr, children 5Dkr. Honesty box payment with coins or MobilePay.

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