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Get out, get active and get busy in Toronto

Once you’ve explored the city, the Hockey Hall of Fame, been to a hockey or baseball game, and walked along some of Yonge Street’s 56km, you may want to find something fun and sporty to do. You’ve come to the right place.

Whether ice hockey, baseball or simply wandering around and taking in the sights is your “thing,” Toronto genuinely does offer something for everyone. And with an average of 301 sunny days a year, making the most of the great outdoors is fun, easy and good for you! Here are several ideas.

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Go local

Visitors sometimes steer clear of the popular spots, assuming they are too touristy. But Central Park in New York is full of locals, as is Djurgården in Stockholm. And in Toronto, that oasis in the city is called Toronto Islands Park. Take the 15-minute ferry from downtown to Centre Island – which is actually the most eastern of the three islands – and enjoy a full, fun day with lots of activities. Begin with the greatest vista of the city, walk around or rent a bike, and remember what the sign on the island says – “'Please WALK on the grass!” That’s Canada.

Toronto Island Park

Toronto Island Park, Toronto

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Ultimate fun

You can start warming up on the ferry, because just 500m to the right of the Wards Ferry Terminal is a full 18-hole frisbee golf course, originally built in 1980. The Professional Disc Golf Association calls it a “beautiful park with a picturesque view of the city [and a] challenging course with generous gaps and tricky wind.”

Toronto Island DGC

Wards Ferry Terminal, Toronto

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A day at the beach

Well, it’s as outdoorsy as you want to make it. Head over to Woodbine Beach Park and work out at the outdoor gym, play some beach volleyball, or go for a run on the Martin Goodman trail that runs through the park. Or, if you want to enjoy the beaches on the Toronto Islands, just remember that the south side of the Hanlan's Point beach is “clothing optional” and it’s very popular.

Woodbine Beach Park

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Padel who?

Padel has conquered Europe in recent years, so it’s no wonder that the fastest-growing sport in North America is also a ball and paddle game, named “pickleball.” It’s played on a court, similar to a tennis court, only smaller. Players use solid paddles to hit a ball that looks like the one used in floorball, over a net. It’s a fun sport for players of all ages. You can find pickleball courts everywhere in Toronto, including at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) on Toronto Island.

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Get in and on the lake

Toronto sits right on Lake Ontario, and to just admire it from the shore would be silly, right? Rent a kayak or a SUP and hit the Humber River. Five minutes later, you’d never believe you’re at the heart of the fourth largest city in North America, a metropolis that six million people call home. Another option is to rent a kayak at the Harbourfront, across the water from the Toronto Islands.

Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre

283 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto

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Run, baby, run

Many of us like to explore a new city simply by putting on our running shoes and heading out. A serious runner may want to find a good trail the locals use, and cover both bases at the same time. Toronto doesn’t disappoint there, either. One good option is the Martin Goodman Trail, an 8km trail on the waterfront. Another popular option is the Beltline Trail in the northeastern part of the city. It’s a good 12km run that includes parks, woods and ravines along the way. High Park offers a shorter, 5km trail with gardens, bridges, ponds and waterfalls.

Beltline Trail

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Take a hike

Canadians are outdoorsy types and it’s no wonder that there are several hiking trails right in the city of Toronto. One of them can be found in High Park. Of course, the paths are paved so serious mountain climbers and explorers may want to look elsewhere, but for those looking for something to do with the entire family, the 5km hike is a great option. High Park is meant to help Torontonians learn about the environment, and classes about wildlife and gardening are also available. Outside the downtown area, the 19km-long West Humber River Recreation Trail that runs along the West Humber River, is a favorite among the locals.

Crawford-Jones Memorial Park

Crawford-Jones Memorial Park, North York

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