Dog sleigh ride at Camp Ripan. Photo: Björn Wanhatalo
Dog sleigh ride at Camp Ripan. Photo: Björn Wanhatalo


Have a unique experience in Kiruna

When in Kiruna, it's almost a must to visit the Ice hotel. But there are many more things to see and try - how about a moose safari?

The Ice Hotel in Kiruna is always changing and never the same, since most of the hotel is rebuilt every year. When each season is finished, the main part of the hotel melts and joins the Torne river again, only to be created anew when winter comes.

The Suite A Rich Seam, by Howard Miller & Hugh Miller. Photo: Asaf Kliger

This year, 36 artists from 17 different countries have created 15 unique art suites and a magnificent Main Hall.

There is a permanent part of the hotel, containing an Ice bar, and 20 suites of ice and snow. Among this year’s creations are an underground mine with elements of clear ice, created by brothers Hugh & Howard Miller and a jungle of Monsteraplants created by Nina and Johan Kauppi.

The Monstera Suite, designed by Nina & Johan Kauppi. Photo: Asaf Kliger

New for this season is the Ceremony Hall, created for weddings, engagements, vows or events and a Chef’s table at the Ice hotel restaurant. Michelin awarded Head Chef Alexander Meier has come up with a twelve-course menu, focusing on local produce like fir sprouts and cloudberries.

Photo: Björn Wanhatalo

While visiting Kiruna, there’s much more than just ice and snow. At Camp Ripan you’ll not only find comfortable accommodation, a relaxing spa and great tasting food and wine – there are also the unique experiences like dog sleigh rides, Northern lights tours, snow mobile riding and moose safaris – both on horseback and by mini bus.


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