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Saturnia, Italy. Photo: Shutterstock
Saturnia, Italy. Photo: Shutterstock


Hot springs around the world

Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale has 17 hot springs ranging in temperature from 35–100°C. Its water is heavily saturated with calcium carbonate.


Bath, England

The Thermae Bath Spa. Photo: Shutterstock

Roman invaders built baths over hot springs in around 60 AD, and Bath became popular as a spa town in the 18th century. The Thermae Bath Spa opened in 2006, restoring spa bathing to the City of Bath.


Saturnia, Italy

According to legend, Saturnia’s hot springs were formed when Jupiter’s thunderbolt landed in a battle with Saturn. The Etruscans were the first to bathe in Saturnia’s waters, then the Romans built what some say was the world’s first public bathhouse there.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland's Blue Lagoon. Photo: Shutterstock

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is man made, but the water is natural. It’s processed through the Hitaveita Suðurnesja geothermal power plant, which brings the temperature down to an enjoyable level. The pool’s color is due to particles of silica mud in the water.


Calistoga, California, USA

Visitors come to Calistoga in California’s Napa Valley for the wine and the hot springs, where the specialty is immersion in hot volcanic ash, known locally as mud baths.


Yambajan, Tibet

Glaciers, primeval forests, and snow-capped hills surround the town of Yambajan, which sits at the foot of the Nyainqêntanglha Mountains, 87km from Lhasa. The area offers eight hot springs, including Bread-Steaming Hot Spring, Fish-Cooking River, and Noodle-Cooking Hot Spring.


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