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How to get the most out of a day skiing

A day on the slopes can be fantastic and fun or terrifying and tough. Swedish national team skier Kristoffer Jakobsen offers some tips on how to get the most out of a day on the slopes.

Most of us have stood there on a ski slope with aching feet, grumbling tummy and in a bad mood in apparel that is all wrong for the current weather. Jakobsen is a member of the Swedish national ski team who knows what’s what and with his eyes firmly focused on doing very well in this year's Alpine skiing season. During his years on the pistes, he has learnt a thing or two when it comes to avoiding bad days on the snow.

Here are his five top tips:

Photo: David Becker / Unsplash

Make sure you have good and appropriate equipment

Obviously, this sounds like a cliché perhaps. But there’s nothing worse than dull edges and boots that aren’t the right fit when you’re out there on the slopes.

Foto: Robson Hatsukami Morgan / Unsplash

Wear the right clothing

Whether you’re heading to the Alps or a Scandinavian ski resort, the temperature can change considerably between your first and last runs. As such, you should make sure you wear layers that you can take on and off and have a backpack to stow a top if necessary.

Photo: John Price / Unsplash

Don't turn over when the alarm goes off

Even if it can feel really appealing to have a lie-in when you hear your alarm clock, don’t fall for the temptation. Nothing beats an untouched piste and the opportunity to get your new outfit caked in snow.

Foto: Mauro Paillex / Unsplash

Be prepared

It doesn’t hurt to take the stairs instead of the elevator a couple of extra times before a skiing trip. Once you’ve arrived, it's worth warming up your legs properly so you can enjoy the slopes more when you actually launch yourself.

Foto: Tim Vanderhoydonck / Unsplash

Keep hunger at bay

That backpack we mentioned to be able to stow or pull out a top. Make sure you always have a couple of energy snacks and drinks in it as well. Pack a drink and something edible to keep your energy levels up. When you’re bright and alert, it’s easier to keep going, avoid mistakes and have fun.

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