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Krakow’s best food markets

Krakow is internationally acclaimed for its food culture, with the city’s food markets full of locally grown fruit and vegetables, free-range meat and limited edition craft products. These markets give you the chance to meet local producers and taste their specialties.

Krakow has been named European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019. This is thanks in no small part to the excellent local produce and the way it’s grown.When it comes to food production, Krakow is in an ideal location. The limestone of the Jura mountains is good for wine-growing, there’s rich topsoil for regional fruit and vegetables, as well as good conditions for livestock and clean water for fish. The agricultural land around the city has never been industrialized and the small plots are perfect for small-scale producers. The city’s food entrepreneurs have certainly got the best out of them too. 

You’ll find Krakow’s finest products at these 3 markets:

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Targ Pietruszkowy

At the Targ Pietruszkowy organic farmers’ market in Podgórze, you’ll meet farmers who have switched from conventional to organic farming, as well as people who have ditched the day job to make sustainable specialty products. The producers sell their products here themselves, including everything from tomato plants, herbs and nettle shots to honey, artisan cheeses and free-range meat, while dishing out free samples and anecdotes. Everything here is locally grown, without pesticides and on plots no bigger than 15 hectares. It’s the first in Poland to become a Slow Food International Earth Market.

Targ Pietruszkowy

Plac Niepodleglosci, Podgorze, Krakow

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Open: Wed 1pm–5pm, Sat 8am–1pm. Fruit and vegetables on the square; meat, cheese and eggs sold in the basement store.

Photo: Ekosfera Mateczny

Market Ekosfera Mateczny

Piotr Kania left his well-paid job at BASF to become a self-sufficient organic farmer alongside his wife Gosia. Now they make a living producing artisan cheeses, oil and charcuterie on their farm, Debnik 52, outside Krakow. Every Saturday, they sell their entire week’s produce at Ekosfera Mateczny, where they also cook stone-baked pizza using their own cheese. The other stalls at Ekosfera offer organic and sustainable products from home and abroad, with everything from line-caught fish and organic free-range meat to spices, bread, kombucha and anything that can be pickled and fermented. Food trucks and deck chairs are a welcome addition in the summer.

Ekosfera Mateczny

ul. Lagiewnicka 48, Krakow

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Open: Saturday 8am–3pm

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Stary Kleparz

The covered market of Stary Kleparz is Krakow’s oldest market and dates back to the 14th century. Still going strong, the market is open daily all year round and is full of all the everyday items you could need: from fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cakes to electronics, household goods, candy and socks. You’ll often meet the producer themselves or a member of their family at the stalls selling local produce, but there are also specialties from the far corners of the world. The market is located just outside the city walls and is a Krakow institution.

Stary Kleparz

Rynek Kleparski 20, Krakow

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Open Mon–Fri 7am–6pm, Sat 7am–3pm and Sun 8am–3pm.

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