Breakfast at Maricel Photo: Pär Olsson
Breakfast at Maricel Photo: Pär Olsson


Luxurious Majorcan breakfasts

At a hotel in Majorca you can eat one of the best breakfasts in the world. There is no better way to start the day.

From the hotel’s terrace, I can see the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, sand colored rocks and a handful of sailing boats anchored in a little cove.

On the table in front of me are three different freshly pressed juices – lychee, lemon and seasonal berries, and eight shot glasses filled with the likes of rosemary marinated watermelon, chocolate mousse with raspberry gelée, pannacotta and arroz doce.

Photo: Pär Olsson

This is how you start the day at the Hospes Maricel & Spa in Majorca – at least if you book the hotel's tasting breakfast, a seven course set menu that was named the world's best hotel breakfast at the international gastronomy summit, Madrid Fusion, in 2004.

“The idea is to give our guests a culinary experience first thing in the morning,” Hotel Sales Director Julia Merino says. “In Spain, we tend to start the day with a coffee and croissant. Tasting menus are usually served in the evening. But we thought why not let guests start the day with a tasting menu?”

Photo: Pär Olsson

The meal can last up to three hours and it feels incredibly luxurious. Other courses include toast, olive butter, bacon butter, mango butter, zucchini marmalade and the hotel's own nut spread. Anchovy pastries follow, then beetroot gazpacho with Manchego cheese and a salt ensaimada - the famous Mallorcan pastry.Photo: Pär Olsson

The grand finale is a sugar rush: mini meringues, white chocolate and curry shot, cake pops, chocolate and tequila pralines, apricot cake, chocolate and cardamom mousse.

It’s a heavenly dream – if you've got a sweet tooth.

The breakfast costs €48 and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.



Text: Annika Goldhammer 

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