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New Experiences in Tromsø

As though there's not enough to do in Tromsø already, new places are constantly being opened that are worth a visit in their own right. Check out some of these new locations.

Du verden

Halibut, dried salt cod and lamb shanks are some of the delights on the menu at the newly opened rooftop restaurant Du verden in Prostneset, the port terminal building in Tromsø. Large glazed surfaces, fantastic views over the water, are other ingredients on display here. And yes, you can watch the Hurtigruta cruise ships entering and leaving the port, from your table. Husband and wife team Kristine Andreassen and Lasse Bjørback are behind this new culinary addition to the town. They already run a restaurant with the same name in Svolvær in Lofoten, which also has amazing sea views.“It was almost two years ago that we were asked about opening an establishment in Tromsø. When we stepped inside and saw the premises, we just went “wow”. We could immediately see the potential to create a restaurant like the one we have in Svolvær. Large windows, views of the famous Arctic Cathedral, Fjellheisen and the magnificent north Norway nature with sea and mountains and a large sun-facing outdoor area,” Andreassen says in a press release.

Du verden

Samuel Arnesens gate 6, Tromsø

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Nitty Gritty

In an old bookstore on Storgata, Bjørn Helberg, Peter Westh Hammer, Anders Blomkvist and Pål Einar Eilertsen are putting the finishing touches to their new bar Nitty Gritty.“We want to create a genuine, authentic American style bar and grill. A bit old fashioned in a way. The large grill is on view. And there’s a long bar counter,” Eilertsen says to Nordlys.At time of writing, the opening is just around the corner.

Nitty Gritty

Storgata 93, 9008 Tromsø

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Outdoor movie theater in the cold at the Tromsø International Film Festival. Photo: Ingun Alle Mæhlum

Tromsø International Film Festival

The annual Tromsø International Film Festival is usually scheduled for the third week of January. In terms of visitors, it is the largest movie festival in Norway. The festival was held for the first time in 1991. During the week, the whole population, from preschool children to pensioners, watch movies, even outdoors in the main square. All you have to do is dress warmly. Naturally, the 2019 program has plenty of brilliant movies on the bill, this time with a special focus on Brazil. Through a selection of relevant movies of recent years, TIFF wants to highlight features of Brazil’s political climate that reach far beyond the country’s borders. Political polarization, huge economic differences and distrust are just some of the themes. TIFF also includes conferences and movie chat and Norway’s Minister of Culture, Trine Skei Grande, will also take part in this.

Tromsø International Film Festival

14 – 20 January 2019 Ticket prices: You need to buy and wear a festival bracelet for Nkr150 and can then choose between single tickets at Nkr115 each, or a 12-movie ticket for Nkr1,188 or a 20-movie ticket for Nkr2,046.

Restaurant Smak in Tromsø has attracted great reviews. Photo: Lars Åke Andersen

Restaurant Smak, Tromsø

This restaurant, run by Espen and Eva-Linda Ramnestedt, is not entirely new. But if you’re coming to Tromsø, you should know that it’s a firm favorite with restaurant critics and went straight into the White Guide Nordic. The menu features arctic prawns, elk, truffles and Norwegian cheeses. Four to six course menus starting from Nkr695.

Restaurang Smak

Skippergata 16B, 9008 Tromsø

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New university museum and iconic landmark

The decision was taken some time ago that Tromsø should have a new museum, belonging to UiT, The Arctic University of Norway. However, plenty of patience is still required, as construction is not due to start until 2025. Three things have, however, already been decided. The new museum is to be located on the site of the former Mack brewery in the center of the city. Henning Larsen Architects of Denmark and Borealis arkitekter are to design it and the estimated budget is Nkr1.5 billion.“The new museum will be a landmark in the city center. It will be a very modern building housing both a research and a public section. I’m really pleased to say we will be able to exhibit the blue whale skeleton we own in the new museum,” UiT President Anne Husebekk tells ITromsø.no

Tromsø university museum

Watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own warm bed in a North Tours luxury tent.

Glamping on Kvaløya

Naturally, there's a great choice of places to stay in Tromsø, but how about glamping? On Airbnb, you can now book a stay in a luxurious Sami tent on the island of Kvaløya. The tents have panorama windows, so you can admire the Northern Lights swirling across the dark winter sky from your own bed. The tents and beds are comfortable and warm, so you can come close to nature, in a more glamorous way.

North Tour

Rate Nkr3,850 per night.

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