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Dome Square is the largest square in Riga and its cafés and restaurants are surrounded by beautiful old buildings.
Dome Square is the largest square in Riga and its cafés and restaurants are surrounded by beautiful old buildings.


Riga – a city full of surprises

Latvia’s capital, Riga, is a big city with a fantastic hospitable atmosphere.Be seduced by great-value spa experiences, fabulous cafés, innovative design, and award-winning restaurants. All in a setting as beautiful as the backdrop to a film.

Raw Garden

A green oasis that is currently making headlines in the Riga restaurant community, thanks to its innovative healthy dishes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Skolas str. 12


Gallery, boutique, and cafe in one – Istaba is a great place to hang out. The art gallery on the lower floor showcases paintings and crafts produced by independent Latvian artists, while the café upstairs, which is open in the evenings, serves sandwiches and light meals.

Barona 31a street.

Riga city canal. Photos: Ģirts Raģelis

Riga city canal

A stroll along the canal is a relaxing pastime. It is 3.2 kilometers long and is crossed by 16 bridges. For a more touristy experience, take a sightseeing trip on one of the canal boats, but even if you choose to stay on land you can still find plenty of scenery to enjoy.


Kafka Coffee Room

Coffee is king here. For connoisseurs, this is a little piece of coffee heaven, with beans from all over the world and knowledgeable staff who know exactly how to handle coffee before it arrives at your table. The Kafka Coffee Room sits above the Globuss bookstore.

Vaļņu iela 26.

Dome Spa

The five-star Dome Hotel & Spa is centrally located on Dome Square. But even if you’re not checking in for the night, you can still visit the spa and enjoy one or more relaxing treatments in this exclusive environment. It also offers a Turkish bath, a traditional Finnish sauna, and the chance to just relax and take it easy.

Miesnieku iela 4

Robert’s Books

In a backyard in central Riga lies the charming little bookstore called Robert’s Books. This is more than just a store; it has an atmosphere all of its own that all book lovers simply have to experience. The brainchild of journalist Robert Cottrell, it aims to provide a range of carefully selected books – all in English – across various genres. There is also plenty of room to settle down for a read in the library, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you lose yourself in a book.

Dzirnavu iela 51

Outdoor cafés and restaurants in the Old Town.

Old Town

Outdoor cafés and restaurants in the Old Town are a popular choice when the sun is shining. Dome Square is the largest square in the city and its cafés and restaurants are surrounded by beautiful old buildings.

Dome Square

International Sv

Restaurant serving gourmet cuisine in smaller portions – perfect for staying a while and enjoying a range of taste sensations from the menu. The service is excellent. Popular establishment located a little way outside the usual tourist trails.

Hospitāļu iela 1

Central market

One of the largest marketplaces in Europe, this is situated right in the center of Riga and contains five large market halls. Each hall focuses on a different product, such as meat or fish. Everything comes from Latvian farms and other local producers.

Nēģu iela 7


Enjoy a good espresso, a slice of delicious cheesecake, or perhaps a cup of hot cocoa. Mäkonis Coffee & Design is a café with class, combining a friendly atmosphere and good coffee with choice artworks displayed on the walls.

Palasta 7

Text: Ida Thunberg

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