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SAS Crew tips: Around Scandinavia

SAS crew Mikhael Enemark and Sarah Fjørtoft reveal the places in the region that make their hearts beat a little faster.

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Mikhael Enemark, Flight Attendant: I love Ebeltoft, a 675-year-old town located just a 20-minute drive northwest of Aarhus in Denmark. The feel of the town is a step back in time to the quintessential Danish coastal village. It boasts a wide range of attractions including the local glass museum, a restored battle frigate from the 19th century, and a nature park, which is great for biking and hiking around.

Lofoten Islands

Mikhael Enemark, Flight Attendant: This group of islands is a true nature lover’s paradise. Wherever you go, you’re never far from quaint fishing villages and a very rugged coast, which is ideal for hiking enthusiasts. Located north of the Arctic Circle, you can experience the midnight sun in the summer and it’s a great spot to see the northern lights in the winter. The start of the archipelago is about two hours by car from Evenes Airport.


Sarah Fjortoft, Check-in agent: I really love Strandafjellet, which is part of what the locals call Sunnmørsalpene. You can take the chairlift to the top and eat at the restaurant, where you can enjoy the view in the off-season, while in the winter the main activity is downhill skiing. Strandafjellet is a 1.5-hour drive from Aalesund Airport.


Sarah Fjortoft, Check-in agent: I’ve always wanted to travel in the northern part of Norway. Bodø would probably be the place I would want to visit most. I’ve heard that there are lots of lovely hiking spots there, such as Keiservarden and Hovdsanden, to name just a couple.

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