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SAS launches 6 new summerdestinations

Travelers with SAS will be able to fly to six fascinating new destinations in summer 2020: Bari, Rhodes, Tivat, Zadar, Seville and Valencia. Which of them is on your bucket list?

Beautiful Bari. Photo: Shutterstock

Bari – 29 June (from Copenhagen)

Bari is southern Italy’s second-largest city, but is still an undiscovered gem of a holiday destination for many. This is despite the fact that Bari is the largest and most important city in the Puglia region and sits proudly by the Adriatic Sea. Bari embodies the medieval and oozes history, with beautiful architecture and colorful facades. There’s so much to experience in this charming port city, with unique caves, long beaches and well-preserved works of art. If you prefer, you can just stroll around among the beautiful and historic surroundings and take in the best that Italy has to offer. Lovers of Italian cuisine certainly won’t be disappointed here either.

Fly here: The 168-seat SAS Airbus A320 will fly to Bari every Monday and Friday between 29 June and 7 August.


Beautiful beaches, clear blue waters and beautiful nature await Rhodes. Foto: Shutterstock

Rhodes 29 June (from Copenhagen)

Rhodes is one of the largest and greenest of the Greek islands. The island also has the most hours of sunshine in the whole of Greece, so if you’re looking for a destination with bathing and guaranteed sunshine, Rhodes is the place for you. If lazy days on the beach aren’t your thing, there’s plenty more to experience on Rhodes. Boat trips on the turquoise waters, snorkeling among the brightly colored fish or why not head inland and explore the island’s natural beauty and picturesque villages? It’s no wonder Rhodes is one of Greece’s most popular holiday islands, offering relaxation, entertainment, sightseeing, natural scenery and shopping all in one place.

Fly here: Between 29 June and 7 August, SAS will be flying to Rhodes every Monday and Friday using its 180-seat A320neo, which is the most fuel-efficient aircraft for routes within Europe. 


Bay of Kotor is located near the airport in Tivat. Photo: Shutterstock

Tivat – 27 June (from Copenhagen)

This is a destination that may be unfamiliar to many. As you fly into Tivat you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the unique and spectacular Bay of Kotor, one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic. The coastline around the Bay of Kotor has been inhabited since the days of antiquity and there are several well-preserved medieval towns here, including the ancient city of Kotor itself. So it will come as no surprise to find that the Bay of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a religious cultural heritage, with many old churches and monasteries to discover, making the area a great destination for pilgrims. An absolute must here is a visit to nearby Porto Montenegro, where you’ll see fabulous yachts moored in the crystal-blue waters all year round.

Fly here: SAS travelers can fly to Tivat twice a week on the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft for travel within Europe – the A320neo. Flights are every Wednesday and Saturday between 27 June and 8 August.


Sunset in Zadar. Photo: Shutterstock

Zadar – 27 June (from Copenhagen)

This beautiful coastal city is still relatively undiscovered compared with its better-known compatriots, Split and Dubrovnik. When you land in Zadar, though, you’ll find you’ve actually arrived in one of the oldest cities in Europe. The historic district here is home to Roman monuments and medieval churches. Although some of its history now lies buried, much has been rebuilt in Croatia’s fastest-growing city. It’s the ideal base for exploring everything the Croatian island world has to offer. There are over a hundred islands here, each with something unique and original about them.

Fly here: SAS will fly to Zadar twice a week using a CR9 aircraft, on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 27 June to 8 August. 


Seville is one of SAS' new Spanish destinations. Photo: Shutterstock

Seville – 29 February (from Stockholm)

Seville is the fourth-largest city in Spain and the capital of the Andalusia region in the south of the country and is known for its architecture and history. One of the attractions not to be missed here is the royal palace of Alcázar, which anyone who’s seen TV show Game of Thrones is sure to recognize. This filming location has a cinematic feel and, like the rest of the city and its attractions, needs to be experienced in the flesh. Other spectacular sights include the Catedral de Sevilla, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the beautiful district of Barrio de Santa Cruz and Metropol Parasol, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world. Flamenco dancing is one of the features of Seville, especially in the Triana district, which is best explored on foot or by bike.

Fly here: SAS will be flying to Seville every Saturday from 29 February to 16 May using the A320neo, the most fuel-efficient aircraft on routes to European destinations. 


The view of Peniscola from the top of Pope Luna's Castle in Valencia. Photo: Shutterstock

Valencia – 29 June (from Oslo)

Spain’s third-largest city is world-famous for its many festivals. So check the calendar one more time to pick out the one that tickles your fancy. Valencia is a city where the past meets the present, with a blend of well-preserved historical buildings and modern architecture. You’re never far from nature in Valencia, which is home to Europe’s largest inner-city park. Buy yourself a little serrano ham, some delicious manchego cheese and a cold drink and spend a day among the greenery. Or take yourself off to the beach for some swimming and sunbathing. Located on the Mediterranean coast, the city is within easy reach of the beaches of the Costa del Azahar in the north and the Costa Blanca in the south. Here you’ll find long beaches with lovely, soft sand washed by frothy waves. Two things you absolutely must do when you’re in Valencia are visit the City of Arts and Sciences and sample Spain’s national dish, paella, which is said to originate from this region.

Fly here: During the summer, starting on 29 June, SAS will be flying Boeing 737s to Valencia twice a week (Mondays and Fridays). 


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