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Short stop in: Frankfurt

Frankfurt is full of options for anyone on a long layover or in town for a day or two. ­Whether you want to explore the city – nicknamed “Mainhattan” for its ­impressive skyline – or just ­relax and unwind, Frankfurt has something for you.

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Byke around town

Cycling is one of the best ways to see Frankfurt and there are many bike paths in and around the downtown area. You’ll find easy access bike rentals all over Frankfurt. Byke is a great option, as its cycles don’t have to be picked up or left at a particular station. Just find the closest “byke” on a digital map, use the app to unlock it and leave it wherever you wish when you’re done.

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Lunch with the locals

A great way to experience local culture is to visit a food market. The 150 market stalls at Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt’s Altstadt sell some of the finest foods in Germany. Enjoy a regional dish at a café and a delicious pastry for dessert. Or just get some lunch to go from the market’s many food vendors.


Hasengasse 5-7, Frankfurt

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Head to the jungle

Frankfurt is known for its big-city vibe, but it’s also a popular destination for lovers of exotic plants and flowers. The botanical gardens of Palmengarten offer a lush and quiet refuge from the busy city streets. Go for an energizing stroll in the Tropicarium’s rain­forest or admire the stunning architecture of the mid-19th century Palm House.


Siesmayerstraße 61, Frankfurt

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Afternoon Apfelwein

Apple wine, or Apfelwein, is the quintessential beverage of the region. You simply cannot visit Frankfurt without stopping at one of its many cider taverns for a jug (or two). If you want to combine your Apfelwein with some sightseeing, hop on the Ebbelwei Express and let the historical tram take you through the city while you enjoy your wine and the accompanying schlager music.

Photo: Primetime ­Fitness

Workout with a view

If you want to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing, head to Primetime ­Fitness – Europe’s highest fitness club. For some, it’s enough to climb the 1,000-plus steps to the 53rd and 54th floors of ­Frankfurt’s Main Tower. Or take the elevator so you have energy to use the club’s state-of-the-art equipment for more of a full-body workout. Exercising at a height of 200m with a panoramic view of the entire city is breathtaking in more ways than one.

Primetime ­Fitness

Neue Mainzer Strasse 52–58, Frankfurt

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Photo: Villa Merton

Fine dining in the evening

Experience the perfect combination of classic and modern cuisine at Villa Merton, one of the best restaurants in Frankfurt. Its head chef André Großfeld also runs a small bistro in the same building – perfect for a great meal at a lower price.

Villa Merton

Am Leonhardsbrunn 12, Frankfurt

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