A quiet lake outside of Turko, Finland
A quiet lake outside of Turko, Finland

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Spa – Ancient, natural or a bath of beer?

When autumn arrives, darkness begins to settle over Scandinavia, leading many people to wish they could just run away and relax. A spa treatment is one of the best ways to relieve tension, so why not treat yourself and your loved ones with a relaxing spa break? Your new personal spa favorites are located just a short trip away from Scandinavia.


Gdansk, Poland. Photo: Getty Images

Offering long white sand beaches, thermal therapies and beautiful baths, there is something for everyone in Poland. 

The country has a long tradition of spas, with historically the focus in Polish spa culture being medical.  Stunning landscapes and the fresh, clean air in the mountains have refreshed spa visitors for decades.

Visitors can find more than 40 different Polish spa towns and health resorts across the country, each offering stays at comparatively lower prices than in other destinations, making them great value for money. Many have sanatoriums that treat different kinds of health issues too – are you ready to try treatments such as water electrostimulation? Or liquid nitrogen cryotherapy?

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Mountains in Munich, Germany. Photo: Adobe Stockphoto

Germany’s spa culture is an old tradition that stretches all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire, with the ancient soldiers first bringing their spas to Germany.

Spa towns are located all over Germany and they are easy to identify – a German spa town, or kurort, has the prefix ‘Bad’ added either in front or after the name of the town.

Visitors to Germany will also be able to discover lots of different types of spas, including thermal spas, supplied with water directly from hot springs, and many are ‘textile-free’ zones – in other words, travel light! 

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Baltic Sea Region

A winter view in Vilnius, Lithuania

You can’t mention Finland without thinking of saunas.  Finland is the home of saunas, a tradition that stretches back 1000 years – did you know there are three million saunas for Finland’s five million inhabitants?

Every visitor should be sure to try out a Latvian sauna and experience the authentic Latvian bath ritual, although there is plenty more on offer besides across the country.  Latvia’s spa culture is inspired by nature with natural remedies featuring in treatments for generations, and here, visitors can also try everything from traditional massage to soaking themselves in a bath of beer.  The country is also famous for its spa resorts, with mud baths and unique herbal massages making use of local herbs from the Estonian forests. 


Lithuania is also home to many spa resorts famous for their mineral springs, with salt playing a main role in Lithuanian spa therapy, with Halotherapy describing treatments where salt is used as the healing ingredient. Also, if you want to combine a spa getaway with some action, then Lithuania is the perfect choice, offering one of the world’s biggest indoor ski slopes! 


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