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Swimming and surfing in Stavanger

Did you know that Stavanger is a great place for those who enjoy swimming or surfing? Here are Charlotte Thorstvedt’s tips for anyone who wants put this reputation to the test.

70 km beaches

These beaches stretch over 70km and are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful in Scandinavia – maybe even among the finest in Europe in my opinion! Here you’ve got sand dunes, fine white sand and waves as far as the eye can see, with some of the best opportunities for surfing that Norway has to offer.

Jæren beaches


I’ve been here surfing many times. A wet suit is definitely recommended! Beginners should sign up with a surf school such as surfeskole.no for guidance and help to get started. The school decides which beach is the most suitable the night before class, based on the forecast wind conditions.


Orrestranda in Klepp

It’s quite incredible that such a beach exists in Norway. Tourists who come here are surprised by the Caribbean-like atmosphere. The beach stretches over 3km and has silky-soft sand and crystal-clear blue water. However, the water temperature is a little bit fresher than in the Caribbean, which you’ll notice if you decide to take a dip.


Solastranda in Sola

For many of those who, like myself, spent their formative years in Stavanger, this epitomizes the beaches in Jæren. Hot tip: If you’re flying from Stavanger Sola Airport, you can combine your trip with a beach visit prior to departure.



Swimming at sunset with a view of the silhouettes formed by the “Sword in the Mountains” iron sculpture can be a quite magical experience! There is also a cozy little sandy beach as well.



It’s lovely to take a walk along the beach here, stopping to take time out to grab a bite at the Strandhuset restaurant.


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