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Following the resounding ­success of nonstop Austin flights and the House of ­Scandinavia, SAS is once again looking to lay on the best possible experience for travelers at SXSW 2019.

SXSW, one of the best-known interactive and culture festivals in the world, has long been a favorite among  Scandinavian visitors. Feedback from SAS travelers, companies and artists based in Scandinavia showed that it would be a huge draw for the airline to offer the chance to get to and from Austin much quicker with nonstop flights and so it proved, with the nonstop flights  selling out within weeks.

In addition to those flights, a huge part of the success this March was the installation of the House of Scandinavia pop-up venue. The venue became a focal point for visitors not just from Scandinavia, but from all over the world, with fine food, entertaining events, panels discussions and live performances making it the place to do business and have fun.

As His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Norway said after his visit, “It’s a huge help to have one big gathering place over here in Austin, where Nordic people can come together and showcase what we do and where we are from.”

SAS has once again chosen a perfectly-located venue for the House of Scandinavia in 2019, to help festival attendees make the most of their time in Austin.
“Like in 2018, it’s very well located, but this one offers us more space and flexibility to cater to the needs of our Scandinavian partners and visitors. There will be lounge facilities to work from, great food and drinks and we have a huge, beautiful outdoor area to put on different activities,” says Pål Jakobsen, from SAS New Brand Experiences.

There will already be plenty going on at the House of Scandinavia from 7 March to entertain and inform visitors. SAS is once again working on setting up direct flights, leaving in the morning of 6 March and returning on the evening of 12 March when the interactive part of the event is wrapping up.

Those flying nonstop will therefore have extra time, to get used to the change in time zones and sort out  registration before the actual festival starts on 8 March.
“Our travelers will also have a chance to see more of the city itself, so we see it as an opportunity to add value for our customers,” adds Jakobsen.

Key to the success of this year’s event for SAS were the high-profile partners, including the likes of North Alliance, Invest Stockholm, City of Oslo, VisitDenmark and many others. Once again, numerous companies and organizations will be involved to offer visitors the best possible experience at the House of Scandinavia for the duration of their stay.

Early booking is highly recommended both to avoid missing out on the limited availability of seats on the Austin flights and also since hotel ­prices tend to increase the nearer it gets to festival time. So don’t miss out, book your seats for 2019 today! Find out more at sas.se/sxsw.

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