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Take a Scandication in Denmark

There is plenty to experience in Denmark outside Copenhagen. Fantastic nature, gastronomy and an environmentally friendly island all await in the Danish countryside.

Samsø (destination: Aarhus)

Samsø is the perfect place for a getaway from Aarhus. This idyllic island is famous for its beautiful landscape, delicious produce and delightful country villages. Everywhere on the island you’ll find roadside stalls with locally grown fruit and vegetables. You’d be hard pressed to find potatoes, asparagus and strawberries that taste as good as they do here. Samsø offers an ideal combination of nature and civilization and, as the island is self-sufficient in green energy, it’s a completely CO2- neutral holiday destination.

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Walking in Nordby Bakker

Samsø has forests, heathland, bathing beaches and hills, but Nordby Bakker, an Ice Age sculpted moraine, is the most spectacular nature experience on the island. In this wind-blasted hilly landscape you’ll find stunning views of the sea and coast.

Nordby Bakker

The world’s largest labyrinth

Samsø is apparently home to the world’s largest labyrinth? Located on a former plantation it spans more than 12 soccer pitches. But don’t panic – someone will come and rescue you if you get lost. There’s also an ice cream kiosk and picnic area outside.

Samsø Labyrinth

Issehoved 1, Samsø

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Places to stay with (spectacular) views

Samsø has numerous great places to stay the night, but few match Vesborg Lighthouse on the southern tip. Here, the sea will be right below your window with only trees and the beach as your nearest neighbors. The Seaview Pavilion under the light itself, is a perfect retreat for couples.

Vesborg Lighthouse

Vesborg Fyr, Samsø

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Vejle (destination: Billund)

The award-winning seafront architecture bears witness to the fact that Vejle is no ordinary provincial town. It may not be the biggest, but will fulfill your needs, from modern art and architecture to award-winning shopping and gastronomy of international class. Vejle is also renowned for its magnificent nature. You can find some of the finest walking routes, cycle paths and fishing places in Denmark here, plus family favorites such as Legoland and Givskud Zoo nearby.

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Fabulous fjord break

Olafur Eliasson is the artist behind the town’s newest seafront landmark building. Eye-catching architecture, lovely views and fantastic food are all on offer at gourmet restaurant Lyst, where they serve a 20-course tasting menu inspired by the four elements of nature – earth, air, fire and water – the weather and the seasons.


Havneøen 1, Vejle

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Hiking along Grejsdalstien

It would be a shame if you were to visit Vejle without going for a hike. Grejsdalstien is a beautiful, ever-changing 16km trail that wends its way through a spectacular landscape of forests, hills, valleys and deep gullies. The trail is well signposted, mostly easy and with walkways across wetland stretches.


Photo: Haraldskær Hotel

Haraldskær Manor House Hotel

Over 500 years old, the chalk white Haraldskær Hotel is stunningly situated in Vejle Ådal. This beautiful setting offers delicious organic food, peace and quiet, plus nature experiences like the Bindeballestien hiking trail and Vejle Å. Guests can also use the hotel’s fishing permit.

Haraldskær Hotel

Skibetvej 140, Vejle

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