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The restaurant map has been redrawn dramatically over the past few years. Photo: Giovanni Dominice
The restaurant map has been redrawn dramatically over the past few years. Photo: Giovanni Dominice


Taste the world in Berlin

The days when Berlin’s food offering was sandwiched sadly between traditional German fare and the occasional French bistro are now just a memory. The restaurant map has been redrawn dramatically over the past few years and the fuse that lit the food revolution is called Street Food.

Street Food Thursday is the mother of all street food markets in Berlin. Every Thursday, between 5pm and 10pm, around 5,000 people flock here to swig microbrewery beer and feast on delicacies from all over the world. Every third Sunday of the month The Breakfast Market is held here too, which sees many of Thursday’s vendors return to serve up breakfast versions of their most popular dishes.

Eisenbahnstraße 42/42, Berlin

On the roof of a parking garage in the hip district of Neukölln is Klunkerkranich, a garden, bar, and café that can only be reached by taking the elevator in the Neukölln Arcaden shopping mall and then walking up the ramp to the top of the building. In the summer, a combined flea market and street food market is held every weekend, starting at 12 noon.

Karl-Marx Straße 66, Berlin

“Pojangmacha” is the name of the monthly market with a focus on Korean street food that is held in the backyard of the Platoon Kunsthalle gallery. The market opens at six in the evening and admission costs two euros. See their website for information about upcoming dates. 

Schönhauser Allee 9, Berlin

There’s free entry to the street food market in Mauerpark, where around 40,000 visitors head every Sunday to Berlin’s biggest flea market. Between 9am and 6pm, 30 food vendors from countries as diverse as Japan and Costa Rica can be found here. 

Gleimstraße 55, Berlin

Bite Club. Photo: Giovanni Dominice

One of Berlin’s most popular food markets, Bite Club, can be found on the Hoppetosse party boat on the River Spree. The website has details of their current opening hours ahead of the summer season and of their frequent pop-up markets elsewhere in the city.


Burgers & Hiphop is technically not a food market but a club night. Who cares about that, though, when they serve some of the city’s best burgers here at the Prince Charles club. The doors open at three in the afternoon and long queues quickly form for a diverse burger menu, followed by a hip hop night of epic proportions. Type “Prince Charles” into Facebook to find out what dates they’re open.Photo: Giovanni Dominice

Unlike the countless hip new food truck markets, “Thaipark” in Preußenpark grew entirely organically and has been an institution in Berlin for over twenty years. The park is a meeting place for immigrant Thais, whose previously private picnic has turned into an illicit food market.  Thai classics such as papaya salad, pad thai, and curry are cooked on portable hotplates and then sold for around five euros per dish, while the authorities happily look the other way. Weather permitting, the food festival runs from around noon until eight in the evening.

Brandenburgische Straße, Berlin

The Arminiusmarkthalle market hall in Moabit is nowhere near as hip as its cousin, Markthalle Neun, but it has a whole lot of delicacies on offer, often from the same people who sell food on competing markets such as Bite Club or Street Food Thursday. 

Arminiusstraße 2-4, Berlin

Lunch-Karawane is a mobile food truck that will happily come to you and serves lunch in the form of homemade soup, quiche, hamburgers, and Italian delicacies. The only requirement is that you can guarantee a crowd of around 400 customers. They operate in Berlin and Hamburg and you can read about the planned stops on their website.


A new food market appeared at the old brewery complex of Kulturbrauerei last year. Every weekend during the summer, Street Food auf Achse served street food from places as diverse as Yemen and Poland. Often accompanied by swing music and a dance floor.

Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin

Text: Eva Paulsen

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