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The most Instagram friendly places in the world

Many people love to take an unforgettable photo home with them from a great holiday.Here's a few recommendations for some of the most Instagram friendly places in Scandinavia - and the rest of the world.

The beautiful High Coast Bridge stands proud against the unspoiled landscape along Ångermanälven river. Photo: Shutterstock

Höga Kusten – Sweden

Naturally, there are a great many Instagram friendly places in Sweden. But Stockholm City Hall, Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg and the city walls round Visby are pretty passe these days.We therefore suggest the High Coast on the Baltic Sea. The High Coast Bridge across Ångermanälven river, 80km north of Sundsvall, is probably the most famous part, but the area also boasts magnificent nature that’s highly photogenic.

Fly to: Sundsvall

The Northern Lights in Lofoten offer a unique experience. Photo: Shutterstock

Lofoten – Norge

Här tipsar vi inte direkt om en specifik sak att fota. Men i Lofoten behövs inte det – för överallt finns magiska vyer, dramatiska landskap, berg och vatten. Att besöka de vackra öarna, som går ut i Atlanten från den nordnorska kusten, borde vara ett måste på allas bucket-list. Ibland kan det krävas en vandring eller klättring för att säkra bästa bilden. Det finns dessutom möjlighet att fånga norrsken på bild om du besöker Loften. Bästa tiden är i slutet av september till slutet på mars.

Fly to: Harstad/Narvik

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Danmark

It's often called the world's most beautiful museum, which means it definitely should be on this list.Not only are the exhibitions themselves highly Instagram friendly, so are the museum architecture and sculpture park together with the nature that makes Louisiana unique.Louisiana is about 30 minutes by road from Copenhagen, which makes for a delightful day outing.

Fly to: Copenhagen

Rialto Bridge in Venice, subject of countless photographs.

Venice – Italy

A city frequently described as the most beautiful in the world. Venice is romantic, unique and has been immortalized by countless movies. It's a place where you can capture fantastic images of canals, alleys and beautiful facades. Or why not from a classic gondola ride? Rialto Bridge is one of the most famous and iconic bridges in Venice and incredibly popular with visitors. The best photo view of the bridge is from the opposite side of the bridge in the early morning. Before most tourists have got out of bed.

Fly to: Venice

The unique orange beach on Gozo. Photo: Shutterstock

Ramla Bay – Malta

On the island of Gozo is a spectacularly beautiful location called Ramla Bay. It's not only the best beach on the island with orange sand, but also boasts amazing views.You can take the car ferry from the main island of Malta to Gozo.

Fly to: Malta

There's a reason why the lifeguard tower on South Beach in Miami has been photographed so often. Photo: Shutterstock

South Beach, Miami - USA

The lifeguard tower on South Beach in Miami has been photographed millions of time, which means it's perhaps not the most special motif. But certain views are classic for a reason. This is the very essence of what a perfect – and picturesque – beach should look like. There are few places on Earth where you can admire such beautiful sunsets and sunrises as on the chalk white sand of South Beach. A more Instagram friendly image is hard to imagine.

Fly to: Miami

Extensive views await at the top of Willis Tower. Photo: Shutterstock

Willis Tower, Chicago – USA

There can be few city views in the world that beat this. The 442-meter (or 527m if you include the antennae) Willis Tower has a viewing platform for the brave. At a height of around 400m, you can step out into a glazed box on the tower façade. You're guaranteed to get butterflies in your tummy and great photos.

Fly to: Chicago

The beautiful cherry blossom in Tokyo attracts visitors from all round the world every year. Photo: Shutterstock

Cherry blossom time, Tokyo – Japan

If you visit Tokyo in the spring, the numerous blossoming cherry trees are an obvious motif.The beautiful pink blossom enchants millions of people every year. Koishikawa Korakuen, Shinjuku Gyoen and along the water by Chidori-ga-fuchi offer some of the most beautiful views. Get there early to avoid the tourists.

Fly to: Tokyo.

Each city has a unique skyline, but few can measure up to Shanghai. Photo: Shutterstock

Skyline, Shanghai – Kina

The Shanghai skyline is world famous. One of the best places to photograph it is from The Bund, a street that runs along the east bank of the Huangpu river. From there, you can see the skyscrapers rise high on the other side of the river.

Fly to: Shanghai

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