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Tytano – Krakow’s hottest party zone

Krakow has fantastic bars and a booming food scene. These combine with nightclubs and creative workshops at the abandoned, industrial chic factory complex of Tytano, where every day ends in a party, ideally a long one.

“F**k diet” says a small flag on the burger menu, while a tower of American pancakes covered in chocolate sauce and cookies arrives at a neighboring table. At Mr. Pancake in the Tytano factory complex, they don’t do small. They do make excellent hangover food, though, and revelers from last night sit in the pastel-colored sofas, ready to balance their salt and sugar levels.

Mr. Pancake in Tytano. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Opposite is vegan restaurant Veganic, while a stone’s throw away are Asian fusion cuisine, a modern steakhouse, a microbrewery and a pastry shop. Just around the corner are a coffee shop, a dairy, a nightclub and a gallery, while this former tobacco factory also plays host to markets, talks, fashion shows and everything else imaginable. 

There are no chains in the Tytano complex and no two concepts are the same – if there’s a vegan restaurant there won’t be another, while the microbrewery remains the only microbrewery. It’s been created as an entrepreneurial experiment with a life span limited by the five-year lease. This encourages people to dare to take a few chances and create places with their own character. 

One of them is Michal Szymanski, whose Pinakoteka pub combines industrial aesthetics with cozy intimacy and brings together a blend of food, drink, music and art. Szymanski has been involved from the very beginning and has watched Tytano develop from a half-dead business into a resounding success.

Pinakoteka. Photo: Pinakoteka

“No one really knew about us when we first opened and we were just walking around by ourselves. That did help us get to know each other, though,” Szymanski smiles. “Today, Tytano is home to 20–25 different places, each with its own profile, and I would guess that we pull in around 10,000 people every weekend.” 

If Tytano is popular during the day, it’s packed at night. On a Saturday evening, the complex feels like a small festival. There’s a long queue outside the Zet Pe Te club, while the bar at Miedzymiastowa is busy serving up craft gin cocktails. Those whose thirst has given way to hunger have joined the queue at Meat&Go, keen to sink their teeth into one of their legendary meaty sandwiches. 

People flow in and out of the different places and you can sit where you like with whatever you’ve bought. There’s a hum and buzz of beats, aromas and voices. It’s a warm evening and at Tytano the night is still young. 

It’s not closing time at Pinakoteka yet either, even though it was a long night yesterday. 

“I was actually about to close when a group of Scandinavians came in. They asked if they could still get something to drink and I thought, OK, why not? They ended up drinking all night until six in the morning,” Szymanski smiles. 

“We only have two years left on the lease, so we’ve got to party while we can!”

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