Menemsha Harbor Photo: Randi Baird
Menemsha Harbor Photo: Randi Baird


Visit the filming locations of Jaws

Are you up for an exciting holiday, or do you just want to make sunbathing and swimming a tad more thrilling? Visit filming locations of Jaws on Martha's Vineyard outside Boston.

Menemsha Harbor

Quint’s workshop was actually a temporary structure that was torn down after filming. The lot remains though, as does the fishing port from which the final hunt for Jaws sets sail. 

South Beach Photo: Randi Baird

South Beach

The opening scene, where Jaws’ first victim, Chrissie Watkins, took her last swim, in the dark of night. 

“Just paddle out, there’s nothing to be afraid of...” Photo from Jaws

State Beach

Officially known as Joseph Sylvia State Beach, this is where Alex Kintner took his last paddle out to sea. Today, it remains a calm oasis, where small children play in the shallows, unaware of what came before. 

Edgartown Town Hall

Known as Amity Town Hall in the film, the real town hall was used and still stands today.

 Chief Brody (Roy Scheider)

Oak Bluffs Bridge

Here, you’ll find the stone dock that Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) ran across during one of the attacks. Jumping from the bridge is something of a rite of passage.

Gay Head Lighthouse

Remember the Mayor, Hooper and Chief Brody arguing about whether or not to keep the beaches open? This is where it happened, way up island.



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