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The Samsø Labyrinth – The world’s largest maze.
The Samsø Labyrinth – The world’s largest maze.


Visit the world’s largest maze

The Samsø Labyrinten in Denmark is the world’s biggest permanent maze, according to the Guinness World Records.

How big does a labyrinth have to be to qualify for that? Well, to break the Samsø record, it would have to be larger than a 60,000 square meter area and have a total length of 5,380 metres.

Located on the north side of Samsø Island – powered 100% by wind – the labyrinth was created in 2000 on a former Christmas tree plantation owned by Karen and Erik Poulsen’s family. They also designed the maze, which is made of 50,000 Nordmann fir trees.

Originally, the goal for the visitors was to find the temple, but currently there are five targets: a temple, a stone circle with a sundial, a pyramid, a statue of author Hans Christian Andersen and Arthur Square.


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