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Where to eat in Beirut

Beirut is a city where it's easy to find great culinary experiences - here are five of our top choices.

Eat local

Eat like a local! Ask any Beirutian to name the best food, and without hesitation they will recommend the local cuisine. There is a huge variety of dishes and if you crave spicy dishes especially, go for the mixture of Lebanese and Armenian. It's difficult to fail when choosing a restaurant since they cater to the local market. Any bad restaurant will close in no time.There are upscale restaurants along simple eateries, cozy cafes, bars and street food stalls. Grab a shawarma at the famous Abou Joseph when you are in a hurry and spend the whole morning enjoying a long weekend morning brunch. It's worth trying them all! It is located just off the Coastal Highway.

Abou Joseph

Abou Joseph, Libanon

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Photo: Kahwet Leyla

Falafel for breakfast

The local breakfast is much bigger and fulfilling than the western one. Cozy and stylish Kahwet Leyla offers good, fresh, local food in cozy and elegant surroundings. Your table won't be filled with tens of dishes automatically unless you order a set menu, you simply the dishes you like. Don't miss the lovely local "pizza,"- manushe bread filled with cheese or a zaatar spice mixture.

Kahwet Leyla

Abdel Aziz Street, Hamra, Beirut, Beirut, Libanon

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Local food in village style

If you want to try real village food, head to Tawlet Souk el Tayeb. The chefs and menus change weekly and you can expect high quality, traditional dishes you won't find in regular restaurants. Check out the menu of the week on their website.

Tawlet Souk el Tayeb

Building No. 22, Armenia, Beirut, Libanon

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Dinner on a mountain

The most fun place to have a home-style dinner is Aand Arze's, Chez Arze. The view is amazing and the chef herself isn't any less interesting than her colorful cuisine. Arze Al-Chidiak is a popular comedian who loves cooking and food. Her lovely restaurant was originally supposed to have just six tables but soon she found that crowds kept coming every day and she had to enlarge her place.

Chez Arze

Adma Dafneh Horge, Libanon

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Photo: Al Mandaloun

Dining and clubbing, Arabic style

The Al Mandaloun nightclub runs amazing live shows with local singers and full-on party life. Catch a show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, dinner is obligatory.

Al Mandaloun

Armenia St, Mar Mikhael

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