How much of a New Yorker are you?

When you're in New York, you know exactly which is your favorite restaurant and which area you like best. But do you really behave like a real New Yorker? Take our test and find out!

  • (Question 1 of 12)

    You see a rat in the street, what do you do?

    • Scream.
    • Don't even think about it.
    • Cross the road cautiously and hope you don’t see it again.
    • Jump to and throw your bag at it.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    You need a taxi, what do you do?

    • Hail the first yellow cab with its light off.
    • Click on the app on your cellphone and order one.
    • Call for one.
    • Hail the first yellow cab with its light on.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    Why do you go to Sheep’s Meadow?

    • For their wicked coffee.
    • For a picnic.
    • Because the staff are friendly.
    • For some peace and quiet.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    How do you get from Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central Station by subway?

    • The red line.
    • The F line
    • The L train.
    • The green line.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    When you want to book a table for brunch for you and your friends, what's most important for you?

    • That there are vegan dishes on the menu.
    • That their mimosas are bottomless.
    • That they have bagels on the menu.
    • That you don't have to stand in line.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    You want to buy vintage clothes in New York, where should you go?

    • Brooklyn
    • SoHo
    • Upper East Side
    • Harlem
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    You're going to take the train from New York to Philadelphia, from which station?

    • Grand Central Station.
    • Penn Station.
    • Port Authority.
    • New Rochelle Station.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    Have you visited the Statue of Liberty?

    • Yes, on a school trip years ago.
    • Several times, it’s wonderful.
    • No, I'd rather take the free Staten Island ferry that goes past it.
    • No.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    How do you eat pizza?

    • With a knife and fork.
    • I fold a slice in two and eat it with my hands.
    • I don’t eat pizza.
    • I eat the crust first.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    Are you worried about bedbugs?

    • I’m starting to be.
    • No, should I be?
    • I’m actually a bit more afraid of cockroaches, to be honest.
    • Terrified.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    How do you do your laundry?

    • In the laundry room in my building.
    • In the washing machine in my bathroom.
    • I go to a laundromat.
    • My mom washes it for me.
  • (Question 1 of 12)

    What’s the biggest reason you go to Starbucks?

    • To buy coffee.
    • To use the restroom.
    • For the free WiFi.
    • To cool off in summer.

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