Quiz: Where should you go this summer?

The answer to where the perfect summer holiday destination is will differ depending on who answers the question. This test is for anyone who’s thinking about where they should head to for their holidays. These 8 questions will give you the answer!

  • (Question 1 of 7)

    What do you prefer to eat on your holiday?

    • Give me bread, pecorino cheese and wine and I’m happy
    • BBQs with meat skewers
    • I like to order small dishes that we can all share
    • Fish in every shape and form. Pickled, raw, salted, I love them all
  • (Question 1 of 7)

    How important is it to be close to water and be able to swim?

    • I like to look at the water, swimming, not so much
    • I’m like a fish in water, I’d happily stay in all day
    • Not my main aim with a holiday, but it’s nice to have the option
    • If I want to go for a swim, I don’t mind an hour's drive to get to a beach
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    How do you feel about crowds?

    • I like crowds, I like to be at the center of events
    • I like bigger cities but preferably cities with less than a million inhabitants
    • As long as it has a compact center, cities with a big population are fine by me
    • I like to have some elbow room and not have to fight my way through crowds
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    Are you keen on sightseeing in the form of old buildings?

    • I prefer nature to architecture
    • Exploring the past is important for me, I like to feel the wingbeat of ancient history
    • I like cities where you can do the older sights in a single day
    • The more the merrier. I love the thought of an ancient relic round every corner
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    If you were to pick a one-day outing, what would you ideally do?

    • Take a steam train to a smaller, historic village in a shaded valley close to the sea sounds perfect
    • I’d want to max out my architectural experience on a trip to see the well-preserved ruins
    • I like to get close to nature and be able to experience as much of it as possible
    • I can image a ferry trip to a fantastic island and spend the day there
  • (Question 1 of 7)

    What is your choice of drink in a bar?

    • Ouzo on the rocks
    • Water straight from a mountain stream
    • I’d never say no to an Aperol Spritz
    • Sharing a jug of Sangria with friends
  • (Question 1 of 7)

    What would you like to do best on an active day on holiday?

    • Watch a soccer match in a packed stadium
    • Go for a long walk in nature with mountains and green valleys
    • A bit of paddleboarding or surfing from a beach would suit me perfectly
    • I’m not that into sports but am happy to view places where people have played sports for centuries

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