As I mentioned earlier, I have an unfortunate habit of missing flights. For some reasons I am less proud of than others.

A while ago I had a big 0 birthday. I had a pretty big party even though the idea was to organize a reasonably quiet gathering. When I arrived at my office, where the party was being held, my fantastic colleagues had surprised me by decorating the office with balloons, streamers and so on. Loads more people came than I had imagined, and it was a very, very fun evening.

I didn’t bet back to my apartment until 8.30 the next morning. As my flight was due to depart at 11.15am, I would have to leave the apartment around 9am. Great I thought, I can have a 30-minute nap. And as I’ll only be asleep for half an hour, I don't need an alarm.

Wake in panic
I wake up at 10.30am. I freak out as I am going to have a party for my friends in my new home town that same evening. I must make the flight. I call EuroBonus support and get through straightaway as I’m a Diamond cardholder:

“Hi, sorry, excuse me. It was my birthday yesterday and I’m now going to be really late for my flight, can you be kind enough to hold it for me for 30 minutes?”

“Hmm. I can see it was your birthday yesterday. Let me see what I can do.” (Pause). “OK. I can hold it for 20 minutes - but you’d better hurry,” the man in support said.

No, obviously he didn't say that.

It would be incredibly irritating if flights were to wait for hungover passengers all the time. Imagine if you were sitting onboard and the captain announces:

“Hi, Sorry for the delay, we're waiting for a passenger who partied a bit too much last night and overslept. We have to wait for him. Sorry if you miss your connections.”

I can't really get my head round what I was thinking when I made that request. What he actually said was:

“Unfortunately, that's not really the way it works. But if you want, you can pay the fare difference and I can rebook you on the 1pm flight instead.” So, I did this, made the later flight and got to my party in time. 

That's the beauty of several departures and flexible tickets. The downside to this is that I get a bit slapdash with times. Or used to in any case. I missed 6–7 flights last year. My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 was fewer missed flights and so far, I've not missed a single flight yet (touch wood). 

Self-watering plants

As a frequent flyer and big fan of plants, these are a must. 

Takeaway diet

When you’re only home 2–3 days at a time, there's not much point in stocking up the fridge. I get sick and tired of always eating out or getting takeaways delivered.

June 01, 2018

Secret Traveler

Age: 31
EuroBonus level: Diamond
No. of times around the world by air: 20
Total time in the air per year: 1,6 weeks (3%)
No. of countries visited: 34
Most frequent destinations: ARN, LHR/LCY, OSL, DPS
Favorite destination: The Ligurian coast
Never leaves home without: Noise Canceling Headphones (Bose QC35) and Passport

I’m an entrepreneur in Europe with the entire world as my workplace. It’s lucky I love traveling as I spend much of my working day on the move as well as my leisure time - there’s so much to see and new people to meet.

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