Home sweet home

After an extended period of constant travel, the thought of setting foot inside my own front door always makes me a bit tingly. That “home sweet home” feeling is really special.

Last week, I came home after eight weeks on the road. The most time I spent in the same bed was three nights. Things have been really crazy, but fantastic at the same time.

I’ve had a couple of small doses of that feeling of “coming home” during these weeks. Once, when I stepped onboard an SAS flight from Beijing back to Europe and then when I met up with my darling “J” (the one I previously called “Spain”) in Mallorca. But it was only when I sat in the lounge that it struck me: “Wow. This time, I’m really flying home.”

Home to the physical place where all my things are, including my plants and my own bed. But also to my neighborhood, with my coffee bars, pubs, restaurants and above all, my friends.
As the plane touched down, I felt all tingly inside, but to my horror, as I jumped inot my taxi, I couldn’t remember my address. It was a sick feeling, as I’ve been living there for two years. After some seconds, it came to me, but it felt like an age.

When I reached my front door, I realized my door key was in the bag I had lent to “J.” In other words, still in Spain. Fantastic. The taxi driver had stopped the meter but offered to drive me to the office where I had a spare key.

So, we put my 100kg of baggage back into the car, made the trip to the office and back home again. Talk about a heroic driver. I didn’t have any cash to give him a tip, but he would have declined it anyway. “It can happen to anyone. We’re all human, after all,” he said.

I finally got into my apartment just after midnight. My plants had survived. And to my delight, my cleaner had been in and freshened everything up. I did a short exercise session and then went straight to bed.

The next morning, a family of birds in a nest outside my window woke me. I went out for a jog to get back into my routine. It was only after this run, when I lay all sweaty on the living room floor, looking up at the ceiling and listening to the radio, that the really wonderful feeling of finally being at home struck me. 

The importance of a fridge full of food.

I remembered to place an online shopping order for food before I flew home, so a big load arrived the day after I'd got back. 

Carry that weight...

...large bags without wheels. Not a good idea.

SAS Business

I flew SAS Business from Beijing to Copenhagen. I'm just as impressed every time that SAS now has a Business Class that is as good as any internationally.

August 30, 2018

Secret Traveler

Age: 31
EuroBonus level: Diamond
No. of times around the world by air: 20
Total time in the air per year: 1,6 weeks (3%)
No. of countries visited: 34
Most frequent destinations: ARN, LHR/LCY, OSL, DPS
Favorite destination: The Ligurian coast
Never leaves home without: Noise Canceling Headphones (Bose QC35) and Passport

I’m an entrepreneur in Europe with the entire world as my workplace. It’s lucky I love traveling as I spend much of my working day on the move as well as my leisure time - there’s so much to see and new people to meet.

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