I am the Secret Traveler

Are you curious about how it feels to be constantly on the move? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You can follow my adventures and experiences in the world of air travel here.

I’m pleased you’ve found your way here. I have traveled extensively over the years, mostly shorter flights on business trips but a couple of times each year I like to go on a longer trip. Last summer I flew all around the world and I recently visited several places in Asia. I almost always travel alone. It’s more fun that way. More adventurous.

Why do I like to fly?
When I’m not traveling for work, I like to travel for music, to surf and to meet other people. Travel shrinks the world and I have met loads of amazing people over the years. Having visited so many destinations, I now feel very much at home in a relatively large number of places. A few of my favorites include east London, Stockholm, Camogli in Italy, Oslo, Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Canggu (Bali), Valparaiso (Chile) and Itaewon (Seoul). 

‘Travel shrinks the world’

I got my EuroBonus Gold card when I was still in my 20s and then my Diamond card when that was introduced a couple of years ago. I almost only fly with SAS, but do sometimes use another Star Alliance airline. I also like the Japanese airline ANA, Avianca have charming short haul aircraft for flying around Latin America and visiting The Galapagos Islands. SAS, on the other hand, is the airline I feel most at home with.

Around the world 18 times

I’ve been counting my flights since 2012 and calculated that to date I’ve flown the equivalent of 18 laps around the world in the course of 485 flights and (sorry to say) recently passed the 90 climate compensating tons mark of carbon dioxide emissions. Even though I spend so much time in the air, I can’t really wrap my head around how it can be so much. In 2017, this actually amounted 11.2 days to be exact, but it doesn’t feel as much as that. And that’s probably exactly why I feel at home when I’m traveling.

It’s going to be great fun telling you about my experiences. I hope you’re keen to hear them.


With Star Alliance Gold you can travel in Business First on the Heathrow Express with an ordinary Express Saver ticket. More room and more comfortable seats.

Morning run with carry-on baggage

Why can’t SAS announce B-gates at Heathrow Terminal 2 without you having to rush? They should at least be able to tell you what gate it is at check-in/bag drop for morning flights as the plane will have been parked there overnight. That would save you a 15-minute morning run with hand baggage when you’re sitting in the Lufthansa Lounge and expecting it to be an A-gate.

May 14, 2018

Secret Traveler

Age: 31
EuroBonus level: Diamond
No. of times around the world by air: 20
Total time in the air per year: 1,6 weeks (3%)
No. of countries visited: 34
Most frequent destinations: ARN, LHR/LCY, OSL, DPS
Favorite destination: The Ligurian coast
Never leaves home without: Noise Canceling Headphones (Bose QC35) and Passport

I’m an entrepreneur in Europe with the entire world as my workplace. It’s lucky I love traveling as I spend much of my working day on the move as well as my leisure time - there’s so much to see and new people to meet.

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