On my travels, I meet many new people that I never see again. However, some people are worth going back for – but don't forget to fix a visa first.

I was in Barcelona celebrating a friend's birthday just over a week ago. I had come from Stockholm where I had just seen a soccer match and celebrated pretty exuberantly. But I still flew to Barcelona the day after and we had a lovely weekend. A bit too lovely at the end of it. I met a really good person in the wee small hours on the last evening. 

It was a friend of my friend whose birthday we were celebrating, and I had spotted this person on my friend's Instagram earlier. We spent the entire weekend together and even though I could barely dare to believe it, there was something in the air that suggested something was going to happen. But nothing did happen until we were sitting just the two of us out on the balcony in the rain at four o’clock on Sunday morning and I was kissed. An incredibly wonderful moment. Despite the hints over the weekend, I was totally taken by surprise. Can't really put it into words, but it felt special and incredibly powerful. Definitely no ordinary drunken snog. I felt a wave of happiness, euphoria and butterflies in my tummy. The spell was broken half an hour later, however, when I suddenly remembered I was about to miss my flight to Sydney. 

Missed visa
S/he followed me to the taxi and I went to the airport. I arrived one hour before departure and wasn't checking in any baggage, so I thought it would probably be as calm as anything. It wasn't. 

I had namely overlooked the minor detail that you need a visa for Australia, and so I stood there, not quite sober with makeup all over my face and was turned away at check in. I can be a bit stroppy, but I probably set the record for this year. I get a bit irritated with myself because I actually do know you need a visa for Australia. Eventually, I was able to speak to a supervisor who allowed me to check in to London (flew BCN, FRA, LHR, HND, SYD) where I could then sort my visa.

Once in London I checked in for Tokyo hoping that the visa would arrive before take-off from there. There was still five hours before the Tokyo flight departed, which was fortunate as I needed to go into the city to buy some new clothes. I had managed to ruin both pairs of jeans I had with me. 

Nervy conversation
I slept like a log on the flight to Tokyo and received confirmation of the visa when I landed. Sweet. I then headed in to Shibuya to do some shopping. Throughout the whole day in London, and especially now in Tokyo, I couldn't stop thinking about that morning in Barcelona that was now a very intensive 24 hours ago. I plucked up the courage to call the person in question who felt the same way as I did: we had to see each other again as soon as possible or forget the whole thing altogether. We agreed to sleep on it but continued to frantically text each other. The person I couldn't stop thinking about was on the way to South America for a work thing and the flight was due to leave Europe about the same time as mine was leaving Japan. Fortunately, we both had WiFi onboard so we sat there on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean and wrote sweet nothings to each other. 

I’m writing this on a plane between Stockholm and Madrid pretty much exactly ten days after that morning. It's going to be agonizingly exciting to see each other again... To be continued.

(Hopefully) a dream comes true

Despite playing records till 3am, I think I landed my dream project at a presentation at 8.30 this morning. Hope, hope, hope.

Unlucky with Go tickets

The thumbs down this week goes to me. At any rate, you should perhaps google destination+visa once before heading to the airport

June 28, 2018

Secret Traveler

Age: 31
EuroBonus level: Diamond
No. of times around the world by air: 20
Total time in the air per year: 1,6 weeks (3%)
No. of countries visited: 34
Most frequent destinations: ARN, LHR/LCY, OSL, DPS
Favorite destination: The Ligurian coast
Never leaves home without: Noise Canceling Headphones (Bose QC35) and Passport

I’m an entrepreneur in Europe with the entire world as my workplace. It’s lucky I love traveling as I spend much of my working day on the move as well as my leisure time - there’s so much to see and new people to meet.

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