SXSW Daily Round Up – Day Three

Visitors to the House of Scandinavia were treated to another World Premiere on Day Three of SXSW – the stunning new film by acclaimed Danish director Jeppe Rønde, Almost Human.

Almost Human is a CSR collaboration funded by The Carlsberg Foundation who tasked the award-winning director with documenting a personal journey into the scientific world to present his interpretation of how technology and the human spirit inter-relate. 

Elsewhere during another fascinating day in Austin, Danish politician and European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager presented a SXSW keynote on “Fair Competition in the Digital World” while megastar Jodie Foster also appeared, leading a MasterClass session, Henry Winkler (aka Fonzie from Happy Days) hosted an acting workshop and Sunday also saw the launch of another SXSW first, the Wellness Expo. 

Thought-provoking conferences were there to be consumed and mulled over everywhere on Sunday, not least in the artificial intelligence arena, one of the hottest topics in Austin this year. Leading the way were “How to Put Empathy into business and AI” in the main convention center, “How to Build a Brighter AI Future” and a heated debate on “AI and the Future of journalism.”



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