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Unge Ferrari's SXSW tips

These are busy times for Norwegian rising R&B star Unge Ferrari, with glowing album reviews and a slot booked to play at SXSW in March.

Oslo-based Unge Ferrari heads to Texas on a high. Five star reviews for the single “Romeo må dø,”were followed up with an equally enthusiastic response to the album Midt imellom magisk og manisk. Featuring notable guest performances from the likes of Ylva, Fricky from Sweden and Dutty Dior, a rising star in Norway, its critical acclaim has justified so far the 28 year old’s decision to sing in his native Norwegian. 

“What it means for me is that I’m not just another Norwegian artist who sings in English, but I’m something of a wild card. I’ve played in China, Denmark, Hungary and Iceland and been played on the radio in Finland, Sweden and Italy,” says Ferrari. “Language barriers no longer exist and it’s no disadvantage to use languages other than English. I’ve got a feeling I wouldn’t have come as far as I have if I’d sung in English. People around the world no longer think Norway is the capital of Sweden, but more that it’s an exciting country that is producing great things. My music shouldn’t be good because it’s Norwegian, but because it’s good, regardless. When you’ve got genuine people around you and write fun stuff, it’s  exciting.”

With a string of shows at home, his thoughts are now focused on SXSW. 

“Norwegian band Karpe Diemplayed there, and for a long time I’ve been thinking I must too. I’m really looking forward to it, even though I will be no more than a grain of sand there,” smiles Ferrari.

And of course, he plans to see other concerts while he’s there. 

“There are plenty of great bands to see. I’m going to follow my intuition and head to whatever sounds interesting.”

Unge Ferrari’s SXSW recommendations

New Fame, Vietnam
Hip-hop/soul-duo with 1,400 shows behind them. 

Mirella Cesa, Ecuador
Prize-winning singer-songwriter, known as the Queen of Andipop, a fusion of Latin American music and pop.

Ayelle, Sweden

Swedish-Iranian R&B-artist

Nardwuar The Human Serviette

Nardwuar is a remarkable Canadian interviewer and musician.In Nardwuar’s Video Vault you can see the highlights from his shows. 

SXSW Gaming

A great meeting place for the games industry where you can see the latest from both games developers and fans.


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