LeLabo opening in Stockholm

April 17, 2017


Great news for the Stockholmers; French-American perfume brand LeLabo is opening a new store in Stockholm today at Bondegatan 48!



I got the chance to try explore their entire fine fragrance collection with their Discovery Set. Not only can you try out your very favorite scent at home without a hurry; they are also great to travel with in your hand luggage. 

Some of my favorites are: Bergamote 22, Neroli 36, Rose 31 and Santal 33


Stockholm news! Hat-trick in Brunkebergstorg

March 24, 2017


This is a post I made for http://www.psstevents.com by Pernod Ricard Sweden as in connection to yesterday's opening of three new cool spots in Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm city center. 

For a long time this has been a blind spot in Stockholm, located behind Gallerian shopping mall and Sergels Torg. This is about to change as three new Stockholm hotspots are opening up just here; At Six, HOBO and TAK, making it one of the hippest neighborhoods in town!

At Six

Relaxed modern luxury hotel with great style and interior design. A cocktail bar with highly skilled bartenders and a ’Punch Bowl Program’ in which you can enroll with your friends… tip: try the Sneaky Six. The restaurant serves international classics with a twist and on the ground floor they have a brilliant wine bar. Check it out!


This cool creative and playful spot next door have a lot of innovative and unexpected elements. Their spice cultivation in the lobby, used for all the food and drinks at the bar, makes them self-sufficient in spices. They host a bunch of events such as TED talks and concerts, set up pop-up retail shops, exhibition areas and also more secluded spots where you can hide away and get into real working mode. It’s of course also perfectly fine to just stay here and sleep, eat and drink good!


TAK is located about 50 meters above sea level, which will give you a good look over the city. It’s a sister restaurant to HOBO and At Six and serves Scandinavian-Japanese cuisine and delicious crafted cocktails by some of the best bartenders in Stockholm. See you at their terrace during the long bright nights in the spring and summer!



Make sure to check out these three new hotspots, and also to follow psstevents.com for plenty of cool tips on music, art, food and beverage and much more. Sign up for their newsletter and you'll get notified whenever they give out hotel nights, VIP cards to the cool Stockholm nightclubs and exhibition openings and much more! 

Picture from https://hotelatsix.com/gallery/


Coachella and Cali roadtrip coming up!

March 21, 2017


I have been longing to go to Coachella for 6-7 years now, but there have been several reasons why I haven't been able to (exams, money, family stuff...) but NOW is finally the time! And luckily I managed to get tickets to the festival through friends of friends to the first weekend 14-16 April!  


Best part about it; I get to go with my two good friends Sara (above) and Mattias. The three of us will do a little roadtrip as well and visit not only Palm Springs but also Los Angeles, highway 1 and San Fransisco.



 I booked tickets with SAS obviously; Stockholm --> LA --> San Fransisco --> Stockholm. This time we didn't use points but SAS youth tickets that you can book up to the day you turn 26 (I have a few more months to go..). Read more about SAS ungdom here: https://www.sas.se/flyg-med-oss/sas-ungdom/ . We are looking at renting a car with Star Alliance partner Hertz and the rest we'll figure out along the way! 

Above are some pictures of my previous California roadtrips. Can't wait to go back!

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Stockholm City Area Guide: Södermalm Green Line

March 10, 2017

Third part of the big Stockholm guide; how to get around Stockholm like a local. This post will be dedicated to the Södermalm area. However, as the area is huge and one of the most restaurant/café-clustered in the city, I’ll focus on the part of Söder that you go to with the green subway line; Slussen, Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull that is. 



  • Hang around by Nytorget and all the pretty little shops on Bondegatan, Skånegatan and Katarina Bangata. A few of my favorites are Stutterheim, Lilla Bruket, 654 and the vintage shops Lisa Larsson and newly opened Humana Skanstull.
  • Bring your picnic and climb the stairs up to Sofia church and Vitabergsparken, and chill here on a sunny afternoon.
  • Take a walk on Fjällgatan and Katarinavägen and get a good view over Djurgården, Skeppsholmen, Gamla Stan and Mälaren of course.
  • Walk down the stairs and visit Fotografiska. One of the best photography museums in Europe. 
  • Go to Lilla- and Stora Blecktornsparken on a hung over Sunday and get some remedy cuddling with the cute little animals (minipigs, rabbits and sheep) that live there.
  • If working out is your thing; there is a big and well-equipped outdoor gym by the water close to Eriksdalsbadet –free and open for everyone.


Kocksgatan 52
Peruvian-Japanese fusion; delicious sushi, ceviche and lobster rolls with a twist. This place really is a must-go! Chill vibe –nice but unpretentious. 

Mosebacke torg 9
Woodstockholm is a tiny restaurant located by Mosebacketorg. It’s a hybrid between an open kitchen canteen and a showroom with Woodstockholm’s own furniture. Scandinavian design; tables, chairs, lamps and artsy installations. And if that was not enough, this might just be one of Stockholm’s best restaurants at the moment, with a dynamic menu characterized by local ingredients and a sustainable approach to the production of food and beverage.

Skånegatan 47
The same guys who run the successful Indio Kitchen also have this drop-in-only restaurant on the corner of Skånegatan/Götgatan. Delicious Neapolitan pizza, made in accordance with the traditional ways in collaboration with the Naples pizza academy (!!). Be ready to pay between 120-200 for one of these swanky ones, or choose one of their vegetarian or vegan main courses for about the same price. Great vibes!

Folkungagatan 128
This place is certainly something else. Don’t think you’re going here for dinner, no. You’re going here for a performance with loud music, energetic waitors who tell you to open your mouth and serve you one of the many dishes just like that; on a tablespoon straight into your mouth. It’s full on, however without compromising with quality of the food. Delicate flavors, interesting combinations and textures.

Katarina Bangata 48
Adjacent to Lilla Blecktornsparken is Restaurang Bleck; a chilled neighborhood restaurant and bar. Always crowded but never too much. Sit outside on their patio in the summertime, have a beer or five. The rather short menu offers good veg and non-veg options -Don’t miss their beef tartare if you choose the latter!

Blekingegatan 40
Beautiful old school restaurant that has been around since the 18th century. They cherish their heritage and serve fantastic Swedish cuisine ie ‘Husmanskost'.



Hökens Gata 1A
Omnipollo is an award winning beer producer and Omnipollos hatt is where you go and drink it. Come here for the beer, chat with strangers at the neighboring table, and stay until you get hungry so you can order one of their delicious sourdough pizzas.

Sofiagatan 1
A genuine little neighborhood winebar and restaurant, where you drink good wines and have dinner to reasonable prices. Really cosy, nice and romantic without it being too cheesy or boring.

Katarina Bangata 27
Swedish – American eastcoast deli with an extensive beer list from local micro breweries matched perfectly with some classic jewish food specialties. The friendly staff will guide you through the beer jungle in here.

Hammarby Slussväg 2
Outdoor nightclub and chill out space located under the Skanstull bridge. It has become a modern classic, attracting all sorts of crowds and people. Can't wait for their daytime-sessions! 



Renstiernas gata 19
This new spot on Renstiernas gata has quickly won my heart, with beautiful classic yet minimalist interior in sober colors. Wooden tables, home made crockery in the same color palette as in the rest of the room and last but not least; delicious home made pastries, breads and soup of the day.

Södermannagatan 23
This has become a place where a lot of young urban Stockholmers go with their laptop, drink expensive coffee and work or study for a few hours interspersed with people watching. If it’s warm or sunny enough, sit outside on the benches along the wall and pop by Christoffers Blommor next door and look at all the pretty flowers.

Skånegatan 87
Right at Nytorget is this fairly new spot, serving falafel, hummus and other Lebanese street food. Relaxed atmosphere and affordable tasty lunch!  

Ringen Centrum
This is a tiny shopping mall with about 5 retailers, one grocery store and one big food court in the middle. It might not be the coziest of places, but for being a food court –it’s certainly one of the prettiest I’ve seen and most importantly; they have so many great foods here! Try the steamed buns at Nook market, the Raamen at Adam&Albin and any sandwich at Snack Bar.

Bondegatan 64
A Stockholm favorite of mine -and many others’, I guess they need no further explanations. Go here preferably on a weekday off peak hour so you can enjoy it when it’s not super packed. Read more in my brunch guide below. 


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